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Well-designed IT support solutions will simplify your tech infrastructure, ensure your network continually offers peak performance, protect critical business data, and improve efficiencies across your network.

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Get the best out of your IT

Technical insights to support network solutions that meet your existing needs, ensure uninterrupted access, and improve your operations.
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Future-proof your network

Migrating from physical network infrastructure, to scalable, cloud-based alternatives, enabling your network to meet the changing demands of your business.
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Complete peace of mind

Vital IT services to protect your data, reduce the risk of security breaches, mitigate downtime, and aid business continuity.
Quality IT Support

Let us worry about the performance of your network technology, so you don’t have to!

Is your IT network primed to help drive the success of your business, now and into the future? As your organisation evolves, so will your IT needs. So don’t get slowed down by a network that relies on outdated hardware, and is likely no longer fit-for-purpose!

By engaging the services of one of the most trusted IT support companies Burwood has to offer, you’ll not only ensure your network continues to run smoothly, but will enjoy improved efficiencies by optimising speed and minimising downtime.

Hand your IT needs over to an external partner committed not only to identifying and fixing problems as they arise, but also taking proactive steps to ensure they don’t recur going forward.

Pick an IT support provider committed to understanding your distinct needs

Every organisation has a unique set of IT needs. Therefore, it is vital to find an external IT partner committed to developing tailored solutions that perfectly suit your unique circumstances.

Enjoy ongoing, round-the-clock access to network support, alongside trusted advice around improvements that will keep your system primed to support your current and future success.

What IT Support Services Do We Offer?

Our IT support isn’t just one service—it’s everything. We deliver holistic IT support to ensure you’re covered, no matter what.

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Managed Services

Hand your IT support over to an external expert, rest assured your network is in capable hands, and get time back to focus on other aspects of your operations.
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Helpdesk Support

24/7 troubleshooting for every type of IT problem. Our team is always on-hand to identify and resolve issues, and suggest improvements to prevent them from recurring.
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Network Setup

Expert advice will ensure your network is designed to perfectly meet your needs, while also having the flexibility to allow for changes to be made as your business evolves.
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IT Support

An experienced set of external eyes will continually recommend improvements to keep your IT systems & network up-to-date, helping ensure effective and efficient operations.
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PC & Laptop Support

As your people access critical data from more locations than ever, comprehensive support will make sure all your network devices are working exactly as they should.
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Computer Migration

As technologies continue to evolve, we’ll oversee the implementation of timely and appropriate upgrades to your equipment and software, with seamless migration and minimal downtime.

Their knowledge of IT services is second to none, and we trust them with all of our tech needs. I'd recommend Adore IT to anyone.

Murray Yardley - Owner, Sealants & Pavements Adhesives

IT Support Solutions

The future is in the cloud

Whether you’re looking to migrate your server to an entirely cloud-based solution, or are wanting to explore the possibilities of a hybrid approach, our people can offer advice on a network design that will best meet your requirements, today and in the future.

Expertise in cybersecurity

New types of technology bring with them new types of security threat, meaning cybercriminals are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. That’s why it’s so important that your network always remain up-to-date. From spyware removal to antivirus protection, on-premises and cloud backup solutions, our people will ensure the systems and processes you have in-place offer the best possible protection for your critical and sensitive business data.

Our Simple & Proven Process

Here’s how we work with you to optimise your Burwood business for success.

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Step #1
Book Strategy Call

Getting to know your existing network set-up, plus your current and future needs, to identify what’s working and appropriate improvements.
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Step #2
IT Solution Plan

A tailored solution that meets your requirements, streamlines your IT processes, and is agile enough to adapt to business changes.
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Step #3
Implement & Relax

We’ll implement your new IT solution, remain on-hand to effectively resolve issues, and proactively suggest measures for continuous improvement.

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Step #1:
Book Strategy Call

At Adore IT our reputation is built on a consistently high quality of service, our customer-centric approach, and a proven ability to meet and exceed expectations.

Get in touch with the team and book your initial strategy call, to kick-start the process of developing your customised IT solution.

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Our Clients

We have built relationships with many businesses over our 20+ years of operating, and here are just a few of them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many business owners opt to dedicate resources amongst their in-house team for the ongoing management of their IT systems, and the resolution of network issues. However, do you really have the right levels of expertise to ensure your systems and processes are setting you up for success?

Often, the time and energy you and your team might dedicate to ongoing IT management can be better used to focus on the core areas associated with actually running your enterprise. Partnering with the right external managed services provider you can enjoy the reassurance of knowing you’re receiving the best support and most up-to-date advice, from trusted and qualified IT professionals.

We provide a comprehensive range of IT support solutions to keep your business up and running, including:

  • Cloud solutions to help your teams connect from anywhere
  • Installation and deployment of Windows servers and virtualisation platforms
  • Full-scope cybersecurity solutions to keep your business secure
  • Data backups and recovery so your information always remains safe
  • Networking, internet, and Wi-Fi support

At Adore IT we pride ourselves on our ability to offer the highest-quality IT support services to every type of business, regardless of size. And because enterprise technology has developed so rapidly in recent years, many solutions that would once only have been a realistic option for larger corporations are now much more accessible to small and medium businesses.

So however large your team is, and whatever the nature of your operations, our people have the skills and knowledge to offer tailored managed IT services and support to protect your data, optimise your network, and ensure you always remain connected.

While our preferred IT software solutions tend to be delivered using Microsoft Windows platforms, our people have the breadth of expertise needed to provide support relating to any software system. Because we live and breathe IT every hour of every day, we remain across all the latest innovations in this fast-moving space.

From our headquarters in the Burwood area, we are set-up to offer managed IT services Victoria-wide. Our team has the capabilities needed to offer the same high levels of support regardless of location, whether delivered remotely or on-site.

The simple answer is yes! Cyber security is one of the key services we provide. In a climate filled with the new and emerging risks associated with more people accessing business data from more locations, this type of support has never been more crucial. 

From helping you to identify, install and optimise the right antivirus software, to making recommendations around firewall protection, spam filtering, malware, trojan removal, and back-up processes that will support seamless business recovery in the event of an attack, when it comes to security we really know our stuff.

Let us handle your IT frustrations.